Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What's new on your iPad for March

Here are some of the apps that I've added to the Lower School iPad account over the last month or so (check out What's new on your iPad for apps added in February)

Hello Crayons, Hello Oil Painter, and Hello Color Pencil are all easy-to-use and attractive coloring apps.  You can draw "from scratch" or import a picture to color, and you can also save any of your creations into your camera roll, allowing you to use them for other apps such as ChatterPix kids.

I've also added several stories:  Regina's Big Mistake, Lazy Bird, and Storm and Skye.  I think all of them have a read-aloud option, but it's been a while since I opened them.  There's also another storytelling app called Zooburst, which creates amazing 3-D popup books.  I could envision an older class creating stories  - maybe even re-telling folk or fairy tales, that then could be shared with a younger class using this app.

There's an app called Loggr, which allows you to create graphs using any 4-5 data points - perhaps books read or fluency scores?  Also in the math and science realm, another amazing visual app called Universal Zoom, which allows you to scroll from the smallest part of an atom to the edges of the universe.  Can't picture that?  Check out the app!    And speaking of visuals, YouTube has launched an app called YouTube kids, which is supposed to have just kid-appropriate videos - no ads, no previews.  I got caught for a while watching the videos from the International Space Station.   And speaking of space, there's a new math game app called SMART adventures mission math 1:  Sabotage on the space station.

And for the pure fun of it, check out WeeKids Mazes, which are beautifully illustrated mazes that might be nice for a rainy indoor recess.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


  1. I have downloaded the youtube for kids app for my own children and its easy to use and free of the other junkie things that Joyce mentioned. They even have pre-set categories/tabs to help refine kid searches such as "music", "shows", "learning" and within each tab are sub tabs with suggested channels like PBS kids under the "learning " tab. My daughters love it. I am downloading it now to my school ipads.

  2. I loaded the utubekids app on my ipad and looked up Abraham Lincoln under the education section. I showed a clip to my class that depicted the struggles of the country. It was on their level. They loved it. I will be exploring more clips that support our science and social studies topics.