Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kids and gaming

In my search for some time management apps, I came across the website LearningWorks for kids.  Their stated goal is to find the best apps for kids, selected for each unique child - in other words, matching apps and learning challenges such as ADHD, flexibility, time management, etc.  I was immediately pulled in by the blog post Can kids learn from Minecraft? (preview - yes), since I had just encountered that question at a parent conference.  The founder of the organization is a clinical psychologist and has put together a team of other clinicians as well as tech folks.  How much of the advice is research-based rather than clinical experience is one question in my mind.  But I am intrigued and wonder if any of you have encountered his site.
LearningWorks for Kids

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  1. I really enjoyed reading the article discussing possible reasons why students with ADHD enjoy playing Minecraft so much. The most striking reason they gave was that it allowed opportunities to build without a lot of restraint and the flexibility of the game. I think it's compelling to hear students talk about how they want flexibility in a game. It might be a good lesson for us as teachers that we need to reflect back this same flexibility to our students so that they can feel the way they do about Minecraft with games and projects that we present to them.