Monday, March 23, 2015

Discover Art Whenever You Open a New Chrome Tab

I came across the blog post  Discover Art Whenever You Open a New Chrome Tab last week, and set up the chrome extension as suggested.  It's been a delight the last few days to click on a new tab and see what work of art unfurls on my screen that day.  The artwork has been more varied than I expected - not just traditional pieces, but also amazing street art.  I have wondered about nudity, which can be an appropriate aspect to great art a little tricky with elementary school children, but so far have not seen anything concerning.  However, I plan to follow this for a while longer on just my personal computer before going public.  By the way, today's treat was "Field of Bluebonnets" - a beautiful way to celebrate the spring that is finally arriving!

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  1. Addendum: After following this tab for a week, I did get one piece of artwork that had some partial nudity if you studied the details carefully. But now I like this "reveal" tab, so I've tracked down a couple others: Dream Afar and Earth View. Stay tuned - I'll let you know what I think!