Saturday, March 7, 2015

Blogging 101

Here are links to a couple posts by one of my favorite tech bloggers, Richard Byrne.  The first is a power point presentationn on the basics of blogging.  The second is Three elements I always add to blogs post.  I was particularly interested in learning more about "static pages."


  1. Hmm- so after reading the " three things I always add to my posts" article, I thought about my teacher website more than my blog. For me the teacher website is a go to for classroom assignments and calendar updates but a blog is more about student work, book reviews, and teacher reflection. What do you think? Which works better for static pages, contact info, and calendars?

  2. That's a really good point - I think each can serve a specific role best suited to its "affordances" (my new buzzword). I do like the website for the more "static" items, informational items, and ongoing resources, while the blog is for the "newsy" things that can be enjoyed but don't necessarily need to be regularly accessed. And of course each can be linked to the other so you can always access both! However, I am thinking that if we continue to explore and use blogs, it would be nice to add their presence to the school website so they could be more easily and universally accessed.