Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Voicethread: War of 1812

Check out the Mattaliano class voicethread on the War of 1812.  Any thoughts on how it went, Julie?


  1. Julie, I really enjoyed watching your Voicethread and hearing about all of the various questions of inquiry your students had to share with each other. I was wondering about some of the logistics of your recording situation. When you recorded Anthoony and Dayan within the classroom, did you find that they distracted other students from completing their work or was it the kind of day where everyone is stationed for various activiites of wondering about the War of 1812? I am trying to figure out a way of structuring the use of Voicethread within a classroom with one teacher and what that would look like.

  2. Julie,
    Their comments seemed reflective and perceptive. They expressed their ideas really well. How much prep did they have ahead of time? Also, like Trina, I am wondering how you managed this in the classroom.