Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Following someone's blog on Blogger

Here's something to try!  As a member of Blogger, you can start adding other blogs to your "reading list" and Blogger will do the work of listing the beginnings of new posts - you can decide from the intro whether you want to click on the link and read the full post.
How to:  When you open your Blogger account, you should get your "dashboard" and you will see something called Reading Lists, and below it a button called "add."  When you click on the button, they ask you for a URL, which is the address line of the blog.  Copy the URL from a blog, paste it into the spot, click follow, and voila!  you are following a blog.
Here are a couple suggestions for a blog to follow:
our very own librarian!  Notes from the Benchmark Library
blogs on mindfulness and critical thinking in education: TeachThought or   Modern Mindfulness
here's an interesting looking one on social studies and technology:  History Tech
or this one:  Teaching the Civil War with technology
You can also re-visit the 2014 award-winning classroom blogs  and choose one to follow. One that Trina commented on was Mrs. Moore's class blog


  1. If any of you want to share your blog links, I'm happy to post them - and sign up for them myself!

  2. Thanks, Joyce.
    I followed Trina's blog, Leslie's blog, and the "free tech" one you follow. Now we will see if I can do anything suggested by the blogs. Your animated mug one was fun, and I know the kids might want to try it. I am thinking about your question about educational value.
    (By the way, I had to enable 3rd party cookies to be allowed to comment on blogger using my mac at home, so I finally figured it out.)