Friday, February 6, 2015

eBooks continued or Joyce's trip down the rabbit hole

Ok, so feeling a little like Alice jumping down the rabbit hole as I explore the genre of interactive eBooks/multimodal texts.  First, I will say that there seem to be two routes to take as one explores this genre - either the iPad apps path or the online cloud path.  I haven't found many texts in either location, but they are interesting and different!  Favorites so far from the online world:

Online:  The Wormworld Saga - described by its author as a "digital graphic novel" - gorgeous illustrations, text that a strong 3rd or 4th level reader could handle with occasional support.  The story is a hero quest reminiscent of the Chronicles of Narnia.  I was just going to read the first chapter, but now 6 chapters later, I am aghast to realize that the story is ongoing and I will have to wait for the author to finish chapter 7 and beyond!

Written in Bone - developed by the Smithsonian - a web comic based on a true story of anthropology students who discovered a skeleton at a colonial America dig. It's a little dryer and less visually appealing than Wormworld, but the historical/scientific connections made it worthwhile reading for me.  And you do get to be a forestic anthropologist like Dr. Temperance Brennan (for you Bones fans out there.)   Links are provided along the way to learn more about the facts behind the story.

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