Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Google Docs - who knew you could do this?!

Many claim that Google is the evil empire out to rule the world (insert evil laugh), but I have to say that they do come up with a lot of cool stuff, and here's the latest google doc magic.  Note that this was culled from a blog that I follow - the original post is called Teacher's Visual Guide to on Giving Audio Feedback in Google Drive, and it contains all the details about how to set this add-on up.  Basically, once you have this set up, you are able to record an audio clip while you are in a google doc and link it to a specifically highlighted section of the text, much like you can link a comment to a point in the document.   The original intent seems to be for teachers to be able to leave audio feedback on a student document, but I have something else in mind:   I struggle in science class with how much written work to assign my most disabled writers - I want them to practice their word processing and writing skills, but I also want them to feel successful in science, learn the content, and complete their homework in a reasonable amount of time.  So what if I share a google doc with the assignment that they use some of their active reader strategies (retell, connect, picture, question, react) to respond to a science text,  but rather than write out their responses they record them? Almost like a think-aloud protocol.  Stay tuned - I just set it up for a student in Julie's class - I'll let you know how it goes.

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