Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why I blog - a post from Sharon Davison

I just came across a wonderful blog post from teacher Sharon Davison called Why I blog. If I had to summarize her message in one word, it would be "communication."    Fresh from today's workshop on language facilitation strategies, that got me thinking about technology and communication.  At the workshop, we learned that the amount of student talk in a classroom is correlated with their achievement.  In high-achieving classrooms, teachers talk 55% of the time  while in low-achieving classrooms, teachers talk 80% of the time.  How does technology fit into that picture?  Sharon describes her blog as a place for communications, whether oral conversations such as podcasts, or more traditional written communications.  Unlike traditional writing, a blog invites a more conversational style of comments and back-and-forth dialogue.  It helps you become aware of your audience.  It asks you think about what you say because others are "listening," including classmates, parents, and even children from other schools.  Can blogging become the halfway point between pure oral interaction and formal writing?  It's an intriguing thought!

Follow the links to check out Sharon's professional blog, kindergartenlife and also her class blog, Mrs. Davison's Kindergarten
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  1. I think the use of voicethread supports this idea. Some of the strategies discussed such as the prompts for discussion like " adding on" or " changing your thinking" could be used when students comment on a picture or video on voicethread. The training also got me wondering how I could adjust the traditional small group reading group dynamic to be more student driven with teacher guidance when needed , but more student led and discussion style.