Thursday, April 9, 2015

DVRA povides wider audience for student writing

I just came across the DVRA webpage for Student Work.  I'll let them explain:

Have you ever gotten that one piece of work generated by a student that you wished could be published? Well, here's your chance!!! Please send samples of:

  • poetry
  • comic strips
  • political cartoons
  • the sky is the limit!!
Throughout the year, you may send your students' work electronically (Microsoft Word or pdf format please) to DO NOT INCLUDE STUDENT LAST NAME OR TEACHER NAME ON ACTUAL PIECEAll work received will be viewed according to content, creativity, and originality. Those selected will be displayed on the DVRA website and in the DVRA newsletter.

There is a list of about 20 submissions for 2014-15 already on the website.  The samples of student work that I looked at seemed to be mostly personal experience stories. I find myself thinking that participating would a win-win-win situation - our students get a wider audience for their work, DVRA has greater participation in their initiative (looks like most of the submissions are from one school),  and the Benchmark name is made a little more public.  An additional benefit - some of the stories already on the website could be used as models in your writing instruction!  You could present the website to students and have them choose their favorite piece to submit, or you could submit everyone's sample of a particular writing project you worked on.  Has anyone used another platform to submit student work?  I'd love to hear about your experience.

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  1. Love this idea- I was just thinking I would show students all of the writing projects they have done all year and have them choose their favorite, but I think the idea of presenting the work to be submitted for something grander might motivate them to work harder as we come to the last few months in our time with them. I wonder - could I submit a work from a previous student?