Monday, April 6, 2015

National Poetry Month

In an earlier blog, I encouraged some Haiku writing.  Here's another fun resource from Scholastic called the Poetry Idea Engine which introduces styles of poetry in a fun and palatable fashion.

Another site to investigate is ReadWorks, a free site with reading comprehension resources - although registration is required to access the resources.  I note that the academic advisors include Benchmark friends Freddy Hiebert and Joanna Williams, so I have some confidence in the site materials, although I haven't explored extensively.  Specifically I wanted to highlight their  National Poetry Month page, which contains downloadable poetry and discussion questions by grade level.  I would also recommend the section on Figurative Language, with lesson plans and sample stories by grade level.

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  1. I love the simplicity of instructing kids to write a limerick. It just so happens that we are reading Limericks I and Limericks II in word detectives. I'm going to show this today before we start the 4th lesson in the cycle. I bet it will motivate them to write their own. This will motivate the kids to do another decoding, rhyming, writing activity, usually so hard for the kids, but adding a fun element.