Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Watching YouTube videos

Sending out our Mini-thon dance video reminds me about the challenges of using YouTube with younger students  - those inappropriate sidebar videos, the rude comments, the video suggestions at the end that raise a cry of "Can we watch that one next?"  When I investigated options several months ago, I found the site ViewPure, which strips all the junk away and leaves you with just the video.  It's easy to use - I set up a bookmark for the site on my bookmarks bar.  When I want to save a video on ViewPure, I start playing it on YouTube, then hit the "purify" button and it reloads the video into the ViewPure site.  From there, I can copy the URL and use the link as needed, for example added to a smartboard page or my class website - or even this blog!  I just ran across a blog post from Richard Byrne called A Handful of ways to display YouTube content without "related" content.  I was happy to see ViewPure there, as well as some other options.  Has anyone tried, or is willing to try out some of these other options?

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  1. I love ViewPure! I use it for social studies all the time. I copy the link and then set up a symboloo page for each of my units. This helps me have easy access to videos that might enhance my lessons and since my class of students are such visual learners, it helps solidify the content they are learning from the text. I highly recommend it!!