Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Your Brain on Class Dojo

Some of you know that I have liked and used Class Dojo as a motivational/management tool in my science classes.  Today they came out with a wonderful series of short videos called Big Ideas videos,  Created in conjunction with Carol Dweck of Stanford, who is one of the foremost experts on learning and motivation, each short video focuses on an important lesson about learning - intelligence is changeable, not fixed, mistakes help you learn, etc. The content is a bit young - you'd have to set up the fifth grade students - but the messages are spot on, and each video comes with a teacher discussion guide and links to more resources. I could definitely see them used in a morning meeting setting as a way to engage students in a discussion about themselves as learners.  If you want to learn more about Carol Dweck's work, check out this Ted Talk that she gave.

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