Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Helpful new Chrome extension saves webpages into google drive

I just came across a helpful Chrome extension thanks to an Ed Tech and Mobile Learning blog post.   Basically, when you activate the extension, it will save a webpage as a document in your google drive.  It doesn't preserve the original format, just saves the text.  When you access the saved file in google drive, you can either convert it to a google doc, or read it using their own reader called owlsee.  The owlsee reader has a nicer format, including a quick text size enlarger and background color, You can use a text reader on the text, but it's a little more cumbersome.  When I converted to a google doc, it was very easy to use the google text reader, and of course you can change the font size as you would for any google doc.

Here's the relevent section of his blog with a link to the extension in the google chrome store.  The first time out, you need to set up some permissions, but after that it activates quickly from your chrome toolbar.  I think it would definitely be worth adding to student chrome accounts!

This is an excellent Drive Chrome extension to use to save text from any webpage right to your Google Drive account. ‘The extension is a "read later" tools which work with Google Drive. You should read it with Owlsee textReader( in a comfortable way anytime anywhere.
textReader will record your recently reading process, and jump to the last reading location after opening the file again. it also support defining tags, defining bookmarks, custom font size, full text searching etc.’

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