Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Reading Fluency and Google

Google has partnered with a program called Fluency Tutor to offer an online fluency building program.  Fluency Tutor is an app that you download in the Google Chrome store.  Teachers assign students a reading passage from the Fluency Tutor collection (sortable by reading level and genre) which shows up on the student's google drive (or can be assigned through google classroom).  The recording functions are "built in" to the passage so it's fairly self-explanatory.  Once the student has recorded the passage, they "turn it in" electronically to the teacher.  In the pro version (which I have subscribed to) there is a very user-friendly interface that allows the teacher to score the fluency passage for accuracy and words correct per minute.  Two minor criticisms - first, the text font size is a bit small on the screen - I would want the students to know how to enlarge the screen to increase the size of the text.  Second, because the text is on-screen, you can't easily track the text with a finger or bookmark.  Here's the introductory video; other videos on this fluency tutor playlist.

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