Tuesday, May 5, 2015

For the News Aficionado (thank goodness for spell check!)

I know that some of you enjoy featuring current events in your classroom - I thought of you when I discovered The Learning Network blog.  This blog is an educational outreach of the New York Times.  It provides bite-sized bits of information about the news (usually with a link to the original NYT article), stunning photography, thoughtful questions, and news quizzes.   I must confess that I scrolled past the Weekly News Quiz post and the How Green are You? post and clicked on Test Yourself/The Royal Baby's Name.  Sigh.  My shallowness appalls me.
The Learning Network - Teaching and Learning With The New York Times
  Thanks to Sarah Muthler for alerting me to the site in her post Classroom inspiration: 15 great websites for Elementary Educators!

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