Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Julie and Trina have been very enthusiastic about a news app for iPad called News-o-Matic.  (Julie and Trina, feel free to elaborate on this - or I'm sure they'd be happy to answer questions about it! )  I recently saw a corroborating review and endorsement from  THE journal.  I think I put it on teacher iPads this past summer in the library section so you can see it for yourself.   You can get it free for a while, but it really is a paid subscription that runs through the school year, much like Time for Kids.  I plan to get some subscriptions next year (the cost is $5 per subscription per year using the educator discount), but the question is how many?  Could you let me know if you'd like it on one iPad per class, or both teacher iPads, or a whole class set (supposing that we got more student iPads next year).

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  1. What I really like about the News-O-Matic app is the organization of the site. It is very appealing to the kids because it has interactive capabilities for each of the stories. Students can listen to the stories with the audio feature and for each article, pictures and a video are provided. My students enjoyed the "where am I in relation to the story" feature where a map is displayed showing the distance between where we live and where the story took place. This feature has helped students get clearer mental map of the world through stories. Here is a youtube video that briefly describes all the features of News-O-Matic. (to view- copy this link and paste into a new viewing tab