Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Learning Ally

Zeffie asked about Learning Ally, so let me pass along some info:  
Learning Ally is a service that provides audio tracks (sometimes with highlighted text) for hundreds of published books. The learning ally administrator (Joyce for the Lower School) can create student accounts and books are then placed on the student's"bookshelf" for downloading using either an ipad app or specific software on a desktop or laptop computer. 

This link will take you to the google doc I share with parents when I set up a student with Learning Ally.

Julie, Deedie, Trina, Susan, and Barb have all used Learning Ally and could give you their own take on it!


  1. Sandy, Laurie, and I have used Learning Ally a few times this year as well!

  2. does the school have a list of what books we have on learning ally with a hard copy component?

    1. Not currently. I have started to check any new books I order for the curric library (actually have ordered some specifically because they are also on learning ally) and Trish is making a spine label of either LA CA or LA VT to indicate that it is available. I should check with her as to whether she could start checking some of the other books in the curric collection against the Learning Ally collection. I do have a partial list of the voice text books by (their) grade level - it should be a google document I shared with all LS teachers called "voicetext books"