Friday, February 5, 2016

Citing Photos: the Challenges of being a good digital citizen

One "violation" of digital citizenship that I sadly I have both committed and condoned is attribution of photos.  It seems just a little too easy to copy or save a photo from google images and  just a little too much work to track down owner permission and citation.  Technically, however, it is just as much plagiarism as copying someone's written work.  Good News!  A search engine that I read about on  Ask a Tech Teacher makes the permission and citation hassle disappear.  The site to visit is Photos for Class.  It curates a collection of photos from Flickr that already have Creative Commons permission and are deemed appropriate for educational purposes.  The citation is embedded at the bottom of the photo image when it is downloaded into a file or document (see below).  The collection seems quite robust - when I tried searches for red panda, cotton gin, and New Zealand, I got a nice collection of photos each time.  If you use it, let me know how successful you and your students are in finding the images you are searching for.  I've added a tile onto my home symbaloo page to make the site easier to find.

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