Thursday, July 30, 2015

Oh those dreaded cord tangles!

Just a quick post with some clever ideas I spotted recently for storing multiple devices in the classroom - just in case you're getting frustrated with your old system and want to try something new this year!

From Colombia magazine (found through Pinterest), here's a nice all-in-one solution.  Note how they have tied on the power strip and then woven the cords through the wires so that it's clearer which cord goes to which ipad.

And here's a brilliantly simple idea for managing the cords along the back of the table from Pinterest (had trouble accessing the original site).  Much better idea than the stick-on clips I bought a couple years ago.

Use clips to organize chargers or cords for Smartboard station.

Any other tips you want to pass on?  Or fails?

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  1. Melinda writes: I love the paperclip idea! So clever.