Saturday, June 13, 2015

ending your eBook with an "about the author"

I'm editing student eBooks on my first day of vacation - guess you could say I'm having a little trouble winding down.  But a great idea struck me and I wanted to share it with you all while it's fresh on my mind!  The endings of informational eBooks can be a little awkward because you've given some interesting facts about a person or animal or location, but these facts don't always tie together in a concluding page. What about an "About the Author" page at the end?  It would be something the students could create early in the year as a writing assignment (Julie and Deedie's Me Me Me project comes to mind) and then inserted into the last page of any eBook the student creates.  Depending on the audience, you could also insert a photo or avatar.  An author page would also personalize the book if it were being shared with another class. For class eBooks, I imagine you could create a class profile.  Have you come up with another creative way to end a book?  Add your comments to this post (my email customers, if you can, click on the link to respond rather than respond via email and everyone can benefit from your thoughts!)

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